Rocking Them to Sleep

My brother, John, went on a camping trip with his scout troop to Lake Grapevine north of Dallas back in the mid 1970s. After the leaders retired to their tents for the night, most of the boys snuck out of camp. They wondered around the lake goofing off as young teens usually do.

After a while, they found an old abandoned house and went inside. The front room was large and the only piece of furniture was an old rocking chair. As a group, they decided to bed down there, so, I assume, they all went back to camp and got their sleeping bags. After spreading them out in the front room of the abandoned house and talking for a while, they all fell asleep.

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, one of them woke up and the rocking chair was now sitting between them and the front door… and it was rocking slowly.

He quickly woke the others and they sprinted back to camp, never to return.

Jesse Fisher

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