Supernatural Sabotage

Someone, or some… thing, in the universe has apparently been trying to prevent me from publishing my supernatural thriller. I suppose the Bone Stalker is upset with me for writing about him, I’m not sure. But after I started writing this 65,000 word supernatural thriller for young adults, strange things have been happening to me and my family.

Lighting struck my driveway and blew out my phone, cable and power services, destroyed my garage door opener and shattered the garage window – besides leaving a 10′ x 3′ crater in my driveway. After that all our TVs had this weird purplish-green hue to them. Were they trying to tell me something?

We had to rush my son to the hospital after he whacked his head in a sledding accident. When we found him, he was incoherent, lethargic and covered with blood – a parent’s worst nightmare to be sure.

Then, my daughter was traveling 75 miles per hour on the highway and she noticed her wheel shooting past her like a rocket. She said it felt like something took control of the car and pulled it off to the side. It was a miracle that the car didn’t flip. [Hm… is possible that a higher power temporarily thwarted the evil doings of the Bone Stalker?]

Not long after that all four of our cars died at the same time, led by our Ford Taurus that always seemed to have a mind of its own, especially at night. The engine seized on one, another car blew a head gasket and then the electrical system failed. The transmission died on the third car, and the clutch went out on our little pickup truck. To top it off, all the fairly-new batteries on all our cars would mysteriously drain themselves of power as if….

Anyway, all the funds I would have used to publish my book got eaten up rather quickly by all the above events within just a few months. So, I’m asking for your help… I’m pretty sure the Bone Stalker won’t come for you.  If you are brave enough to help visit our project at

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