Grimm, a New Spin on Very Scary Fairy-Tales

By Kevin Lazarus

Okay, here’s the thing. My wife, who is anti-gruesome anything, is hooked on this new series called Grimm. I was sure that I was going to be watching this one as a solo act, but then to my surprise, I find her watching it in the other room—all by herself! Now that’s a shocker! Of course, I immediately latched onto the new series because of its witty interplay between the characters (What a great twist, to have one of the many Big Bad Wolves become a sidekick—that’s so cool!). Thus far the stories have been intriguing and fun to watch, as they are full of mysterious settings and shadowy fairytale monsters, not mention cool good guys. Add to that some great comic relief skillfully interjected throughout the dialogue and you have a nice mix. This is one of those fun series that you cross your fingers and hope they have the story lines to carry it off, and—don’t muck it up with subliminal political messages. For now, I’m a big fan! Scary fun!

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