Shadow of the Hand, by Kevin Lazarus

Part Three, from The Dark Side of Carthage Falls, the Chronicles, by Kevin Lazarus is #FREE at #kdp #kindle starting Thursday April 5th going through to Tuesday April 10th (until midnight).

This along with the rest of my stories, novellas and books, are also currently free for Amazon Prime members, from their lending library. If you can, read my stories from the lending library. You get to read if for free and I still get paid for it. You’d be helping this writer out…a lot! Also, if you leave me a review. Send me an email at and I will notify you when my next book Bone Stalker is out (a free e-book). Thanks for your help and enjoy (unless of course, you read it at midnight…hmmm…it will definitely be a different kind of thrill…Mwa-ha-ha-ha!).

Kevin Lazarus


Part One: Night Stalker in Carthage Falls, by Kevin Lazarus

Part Two: Shadows of Indian Summer, by Kevin Lazarus

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