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Friday the 13th, a Monster Movie and the Grave Digger, by Kevin Lazarus

Kevin Lazarus on the streets of Carthage Falls

Kevin Lazarus in Carthage Falls

From: The Dark Side of Carthage Falls, the Chronicles, by Kevin Lazarus

Finally, the humiliation was over and happily so. I was too old for a baby-sitter! I just couldn’t seem to get my mother to understand that. And to make matters worse, to my absolute horror, she would have Tammy–the girl next door–come over! Tammy, who wasn’t much older than me, who I liked a lot, was my baby-sitter! Worse than that, Tammy would complicate things even more by bringing her friend Susan with her. Ugh! Of course, the truth was that both of them were a lot older than I initially believed. But what can I say, love is blind. Right?

The luster finally wore off when Tammy brought her boyfriend with her. Okay, so he was taller than me–and her. And, he was kind of hunky–big wow! But I knew I was toast, when I saw them sitting together, hugging and kissing, while missing the best monster movie ever–Revenge of the Mummy!

While my love affair with Tammy was short lived, I still couldn’t be all that mad at her. She’d introduced me to Friday night monster movies–Fright Night Theater. The best scary movies I had ever seen. Of course, they were the only scary movies I’d ever seen. Truth is, if my mother had found out about the movies, it would’ve all been over for both of us. It was to be our big secret. The kind of thing you pinky swear about.

In the beginning, it was wonderful–our secret rendezvous. We had a system and put on quite a show for my mother. Tammy would come over and prepare me something to eat while mom got ready to go out on their date. My step dad would walk around looking at his watch complaining that they were “going to be late!” They were always late–really late, part of the reason they were always late coming home. Anyway, I would finish the last bite on my plate and bound down the hallway into my bedroom. Where I would hop into bed, and wait for my mom to come in and give me a kiss goodnight. After she would leave, I would wait, listening for the sound of the back door to shut; after which, I would sneak out of my bedroom, down the hall, to where I waited to hear the sound of the car pulling out of the driveway. When I was sure that they were gone, I would sprint into the TV room where I would wait for Tammy and hot salty popcorn. more »

Shadow of the Hand, by Kevin Lazarus

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Kevin Lazarus


Part One: Night Stalker in Carthage Falls, by Kevin Lazarus

Part Two: Shadows of Indian Summer, by Kevin Lazarus

Shadow Followers, by Kevin Lazarus #FREE Today

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K. Lazarus


Chapter 1

Jacob, Son of Thunder Born of Lightning

An unearthly rumbling, deep and visceral, followed by an explosive clap that sounded like someone snapping a massive tree in two, pierced Jacob’s tranquil dreams; a rolling thunderous noise so intense that it shook him into consciousness. Jacob literally flung himself over in his bed facing the ceiling–listening carefully. Quietly, with heavy sleepy eyes he surveyed his bedroom–still dark and silent. The distant sound of night crickets singing outside his window was somehow reassuring and peaceful. And he found himself wondering if he had heard anything at all? Perhaps it was nothing more than a bad dream, he thought. more »

Creepy Japanese McDonalds Commercial

Scary Story 6 – China Doll

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