Kevin Lazarus, Recently Interviewed by Author Amy Jarecki

My story, Treasure of the Ghost Dancers recently tied for first place at the Amy Jarecki Blog Fest. It was great participating! I am posting the link to the interview as well as the link to the story.


Treasure of the Ghost Dancers:

Enjoy the read and thanks so much for coming!

Scary Fun!

Kevin Lazarus

Moderation in… SOME Things.

“The only place that moderation is best practiced is when it comes to food, drink and swearing around kids. But, when it comes to love, family, religion and country moderation is just a poor excuse for failing to engage life, and possibly evidence of cowardice.”
– Kevin Lazarus

Supernatural Sabotage

Someone, or some… thing, in the universe has apparently been trying to prevent me from publishing my supernatural thriller. I suppose the Bone Stalker is upset with me for writing about him, I’m not sure. But after I started writing this 65,000 word supernatural thriller for young adults, strange things have been happening to me and my family.

Lighting struck my driveway and blew out my phone, cable and power services, destroyed my garage door opener and shattered the garage window – besides leaving a 10′ x 3′ crater in my driveway. After that all our TVs had this weird purplish-green hue to them. Were they trying to tell me something? more »

The Monster’s Ball (Part 2) by Kevin Lazarus

Kevin Lazarus in Carthage Falls


(From: The Dark Side of Carthage Falls – the Anthology – by Kevin Lazarus – Continued)

There was a slight audible gasp from them. Brett was now staring at me intensely, completely mesmerized.

“So who was it,” Kelly stammered, “do you know?”

“Who do you think it was, you little worm—it was his step dad!” Brett snapped. more »

The Monster’s Ball (Part 1) by Kevin Lazarus

(From: The Dark Side of Carthage Falls – the Anthology – by Kevin Lazarus – Continued)

“Dude—that night when your step dad came in yelling at us, did he even ask why we were so scared?” Brett stared at me, waiting for my answer. Somehow, during our lunchtime discussion, of just about every gross thing we could imagine, Brett zeroed in on that night—and the shadow. We weren’t alone, sitting at our favorite table. Kelly and some other kid named Derek, who wasn’t there that night, were sitting with us—participating in the gross fest. more »

Turkey, Lions and Werewolves, Oh My!

Just thought I would give you a little update. Due to the Thanksgiving Day holiday The Dark Side of Carthage Falls… won’t post until Monday November 28th.  I am spending time with family and friends and hope that you’re doing the same.  Don’t worry, there is more to come and it is getting scarier with each installment…trust me I know.

Just for the fun of it. Here are a few photos from my past days in the film industry.

Werewolf the Television Series

Kevin Lazarus and Werewolf from the television series Werewolf in the eighties. Sorry you won’t find me on IMDB, I left the biz long before that started and haven’t gone back to submit any information. I suspect that I have only about half of the actual credit I deserve for the films that I worked on. But in those days, it was all about the paycheck. The stuntman in the suit is Anthony. Kind of cool guy. more »

Shadow of the Hand by Kevin Lazarus (Part 2)

(The continuation of The Dark Side of Carthage Falls – the Anthology – From last Wednesday November 16th – by Kevin Lazarus)

“I heard that there was some guy they caught,” said Peter. “He liked little kids!”

“What’s wrong with liking little kids?” blurted Kelly. His sandy hair hung nearly clear down into his eyes as he looked at us like a deer in the headlights. You could’ve heard a pin drop as the rest of us stared at him in disbelief. Finally, Brett leaned over and whispered something in his ear. Kelly’s face turned a little red as he did. “That’s sick!” he finally declared. more »

Shadow of the Hand by Kevin Lazarus (Part 1)

(The continuation of The Dark Side of Carthage Falls – the Anthology – by Kevin Lazarus)

The old orchard wouldn’t soon be forgotten. Often on our way home Brett and I would stop near the grassy path and tempt ourselves with the possibilities—of running headlong down the path. Not stopping at the old tractor and not exploring for new discoveries, but just running hard; cutting loose, pulling out all of the stops to temp fate—just for the thrill of it! more »

Treasure of the Ghost Dancers by Kevin Lazarus

(Just a quick note: Today I am participating in Amy Jarecki’s Blog Fest to celebrate the release of her new book Koicto, a native American story. So to celebrate I have joined a number of other authors in writing a short story with a native American theme…but as ever…still scary fun! I highly recommend reading Amy’s work, she is a fine writer [].

The next installment of The Dark Side of Carthage Falls will be available Wednesday. Until then…enjoy! K. Lazarus)

The old prospector woke to a curious sound—drums pounding away in the middle of the night—echoing throughout the valley. He climbed out of his makeshift bed, a dirty old tick filled with straw, and ambled over the edge of the hill he was sleeping on. The first thing to catch his eye was the stars, bright and flowing from horizon to horizon. He rubbed the whiskers on his chin and, blinking away the sleep from his eyes, looked down into the lower valley at a curious sight. The golden glow of firelight flickered against the desert hills, revealing strange luminous shadows—dancing a curious dance. The sound of bells and hushed voices hung in the air, wafting in on a warm desert breeze. The old man continued to watch, both curious and a little disturbed. more »

The Shadows of Indian Summer by Kevin Lazarus – Part 3

(Continued from Wednesday 11/09/11 – from The Dark Side of Carthage Falls – the Anthology – by Kevin Lazarus)

As we weaved our way along the path in-between the rows of dying trees and barren limbs, knee deep in the tall dry grass, I thought about what he’d said earlier, when we first got to the tractor—that nobody would care about us being there. “why?” I asked, huffing as I ran. more »

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