Celeste and the Eyes of the Demon (Part Three), by Kevin Lazarus

(Excerpt CONTINUED From: Celeste and the Eyes of the Demon – by Kevin Lazarus)

NOTE from the author:  I’m sharing with you excerpts from my latest short story. Friday, we’ll have another guest blog about writing or the entertainment industry. Thanks and enjoy! K. Lazarus

Another odd feature was a mysterious latch on the side of the container. To her surprise, she realized that it required a key to open it. She frantically searched through what remained of the box until she found the key taped to the inside of the cardboard. There was only a glimmer of realization that the key was fashioned with the same curious workmanship as the container.

Celeste carefully turned the key in the lock and opened it. The Amber solution inside wasn’t a solution at all, but more like jelly. With her long slender index finger she carefully pushed against it. Almost immediately it adhered to her finger, sticking and stretching as she pulled away. When it finally released, it snapped back into the container.

“Wow!” she exclaimed quietly, “these are the weirdest contact lenses I’ve ever seen.” She looked them over more carefully, with growing interest. “I am going to look so hot tonight!” she said.

Celeste glanced up at the clock. “Oh crap, I need to get ready!”

At that, she hurried out of the bathroom into the kitchen, where she grabbed the bowl her mother suggested; along with the bags of candy, hurrying to the front door. She tore open the end of one of the bags with her teeth, carelessly dumping everything into the bowl; candy bouncing everywhere–much of it falling on the floor. And then, not even stopping to pick up them up, she hurried back down the hall to her bedroom.

Halfway down the hall, she stopped at the laundry room. With a quick glance, to make sure she was alone; she unzipped the back of her vampire costume and slipped out of it, tossing it into the washing machine.

With laundry soap spilling everywhere, she dumped a handful of it in with her costume–then dialed the setting, hit the start button and turned to leave. As she did, she bumped into a dark figure and a hideous face–tongue hanging out of its mouth–eyes twisting and pointing in opposite directions. Celeste screamed until she realized that it was her little brother.

“Aiden, you sick little prick! You nearly scared me to death!” She put her hands up to his throat wanting to ring his neck, but resisted the temptation when she remembered she was standing there in her underwear. She quickly grabbed a towel from the laundry basket and wrapped it around herself.

“Take that stupid mask off! Have you been standing there the whole time?” She looked around again a little more carefully. She was sure he wasn’t alone. “NONE OF YOUR FRIENDS BETTER BE IN HERE!” she said. “I’LL TELL YOUR PARENTS IF YOU ARE!” She eyed her little brother warily. “If any of your friend’s are–!”

“Relax sis,” he said as he pulled off his mask. “There’s no one here yet–honest! Scared you though, didn’t I?”

“I swear Aiden–” Celeste turned her nose up at him as she pushed past him. “So–listen up you little letch, if you mess up my plans tonight–in anyway! I’ll get even with you for sure!”

“Why don’t you chill! You know, you use to be so much fun.” Aiden tipped his head back, mocking her, and then attempting to sound like her. “Now you act all sophisticated and prissy–bleh!” He followed her to her bedroom door.

She pulled the towel around her a little tighter. “Oh, please–” she snapped, suddenly turning to face him. “Listen, I’m not going to be here tonight–”

“Big surprise there,” he said.

“Just shut up and listen!” she said. “Mom and Dad aren’t going to be here either, so you’re going to have the place all to yourself–you and your friends.”

Aiden’s eyes lit up as she continued.

“I’ve already put the candy out. Just put the bowl outside when you and your weirdo friends go trick or treating. But remember, just because you have the place all to yourselves–that doesn’t mean you destroy the house or burn it to the ground, okay?

Aiden rolled his eyes.

“Oh please–remember the last time?” She said. Celeste smiled wryly, eyeing him.

“Yeah, yeah–I was like six!”

“You were twelve!” she said. “And mom and dad had to have the entire kitchen replaced!”

“It was an accident!”

“I rest my case–” she said, walking into her room. “Now leave me alone, I need to get ready!” With that, she slammed her door in his face.

Aiden stood there staring at it. His smile melted away to a frown. There was an apparent sadness in his eyes. Half under his breath he spoke quietly, “Why’d ya have to go and change?” he said. “Why’d ya have to grow up?” He thoughtfully watched her door a moment longer and then walked away silent.

Celeste stood there staring at her bedroom door. She’d heard every word he’d said. She frowned a little knowing that he wanted her to go out trick or treating with him. It was something that the two of them use to do all the time. But somewhere during the last couple of years, she started hanging out with new friends. She thought about the first time they’d gone together. He was a lot younger than her. The tail on his lion costume kept getting stepped on by the other kids, so she held it for him while they walked along. The corners of her mouth fell as her frown deepened. “I’m too old for that Aiden,” she said. “You should know that by now–”

But nothing she said changed a thing. She was still troubled by what he’d said. Celeste literally shook her head, trying to shake the thought out of her mind as she hurried into her bathroom to take a shower. “What am I suppose to do–stop growing?”


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