Celeste and the Eyes of the Demon (Part Four), by Kevin Lazarus

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(Excerpt CONTINUED From: Celeste and the Eyes of the Demon – by Kevin Lazarus)

NOTE from the author:  I’m sharing with you excerpts from my latest short story. Friday, we’ll have another guest blog about writing or the entertainment industry. Thanks and enjoy! K. Lazarus

Celeste carefully examined every inch of her appearance in the mirror. From her eyeliner to her dark costume made of black polyester, with webbed lace in all the right places. Black nylons, also decorated with webs, hugged the contour of her legs. She was determined to stand out above all the others–especially her friends. It was most certainly a contest and she was going to win!

Celeste mentally checked off everything. She’d had her shower, washed her costume and her hair was perfect. Lipstick–just right. A few extra goodies in her purse and she was ready. Everything was perfect. She was perfect. But she couldn’t stop staring in the mirror. She just couldn’t get over how fantastic she looked.

She’d been such a spindly little thing when she was younger. And of course, no one liked her back then. But look at me know, she mused. I’ve grown up…in all of the right places, and I’m the most popular girl in the entire school. She smiled wryly, almost a wicked grin. And look at who my boyfriend is!

Celeste removed a plastic container from her purse and opened it. Inside were a set of vampire fangs. Not the cheap kind! These were the best money could buy. She put them in her mouth and bit down. As she reopened her mouth, she couldn’t help but admire the long slender fangs, white and sharp. With a wide grin she almost giggled.

“THE CONTACTS!” she said. Celeste once more retrieved the curious little black container and unlocked it. With a slight grimace, she fingered through the amber jell until she had one of the contacts. Pulling it from the amber solution proved to be somewhat tricky as she worked to dig the contact out of the strange material. When she finally had it, the amber goo slithered back into the container. Her mouth wrinkled slightly as she held it up to her right eye. Tilting her head back while looking towards the ceiling she carefully placed the contact in her eye and blinked.

Celeste looked in the mirror to make sure it was in place. When she did, she was stunned at how incredible it looked. “Wow–” she said.

Now, clearly convinced that the contacts were the finishing touch she’d hoped they’d be, she opened the little black container and retrieved the other contact.

Celeste blinked a couple of times after placing the second contact and then, once more looked in the mirror. As she opened her eyes, she marveled at how amazing the blood red lenses looked–each little vein spiraling out from the center. “Oh–that’s so awesome!”

Fascinated, she moved a little closer to the mirror and stared deeper into the reflection of her eyes. To her surprise, the remaining amber solution still on her contacts gradually dissolved into her eyes. Instantly, a burning sensation shot through her pupils, searing the centers of her eyes.

Celeste stumbled back, collapsing into the corner of the bathroom. She pressed the palms of her hands against her eyes, rubbing them, whimpering and swearing. Gradually the pain subsided as she crawled back over to the counter and pulled herself up. Frightened, once more she leaned over the counter close to the mirror and opened her eyes wide as possible. In the reflection, Celeste was horrified to see that each eye had turned completely red–bright red. It appeared as if the contacts had become part of her eyes!

For a brief moment she considered removing them, but as she looked a little closer it occurred to her that she couldn’t see the edges of the contacts. Then she noticed the time and realized that her friends were going to be there any moment. The pain was gone, she thought. And they do look kind of hot. Celeste knew she was out of time and figured that she would deal with them after the dance. She quickly touched up her make-up, making sure she appeared as pale as possible while still looking hot. “Besides,” she said, talking to herself in the mirror. “I paid a lot of money for these things girl–you need to get your moneys worth out of ’em.” With a final glance in the mirror, she used her finger to smooth her lipstick after which she pressed her lips tightly and hurried down the hall.


“Celeste, your friends are here!” Aiden yelled. He tilted his head slightly, eyeing Cam, starting with his shoes–and then his hair. Aiden folded his arms and squinted at him.

Cam nervously tugged at the collar of his tux, hoping Celeste’s little brother wasn’t going to be a problem. Cam’s face was covered with white make-up with red droplets painted in the corners of his mouth. He smiled nervously at Aiden, his vampire fangs clearly visible.

“She’s always late,” Aiden said flatly.

“Huh? Oh yeah–” Cam nodded.

Aiden gave him a questionable glance and another slight smirk, as if Cam were an idiot. “Yeah–okay–”

Celeste all of a sudden appeared in flurry, her long blond hair in stark contrast against her black dress. She grabbed a lengthy black coat draped over a chair in the living room and flung it around her like a cape. As she slipped her arms into the sleeves, she smiled at Cam, pleased that he was staring at her–his mouth open.

At the door she stopped near Aiden. The harshness was gone from her expression as she smiled. “Remember–don’t burn the place down, okay–?”


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