Celeste and the Eyes of the Demon (Part Two), by Kevin Lazarus

(Excerpt From: Celeste and the Eyes of the Demon – by Kevin Lazarus)

NOTE from the author:  I’m sharing with you excerpts from my latest short story. Friday, we’ll have another guest blog about writing or the entertainment industry. Thanks and enjoy! K. Lazarus

The cheerleader’s mouth dropped open. And with every ounce of anger she could gather she started spitting and sputtering. “You–you little–”

At that point Davin said nothing else, she just turned her back to Celeste, picked up her books and walked away–trying not to appear hurt. She gave Celeste another spiteful glance and then hurried out of site.

“What are you going to do Celeste–you can’t let her get away with that!” declared one of the other cheerleaders.

Celeste said nothing. She just stood there staring down the hallway, thinking about Davin’s comment, about them “once” having ‘been friends.” It was true. They had been friends in elementary school. She remembered the two of them sitting together during lunch, sharing their food. She grimaced. That was then and this is now, she thought. Celeste knew she couldn’t allow the others to see her showing any emotion. She turned and started laughing. “Tonight at the dance–” she declared. “I’ll get even with her somehow!”

One of her cheerleader friends, a snippy little brunette said: “What? Do you have an idea?”

Celeste glanced down the hall once more, but Davin was no longer there. “Nothing yet, but we’ll think of something,” she said, the corners of her mouth turning up slightly, a wicked glimmer in her eyes.

From the mass of students still milling about, someone whistled at the cheerleaders.

“H-e-e-ey, Celeste,–nice costume!” Someone said. Cam Wilson emerged from the crowd dressed like a football player, eyeing Celeste from top to bottom, acting tough as he put his arms around her.

“Oh Cam,” she groused, “is that the best you can do–your football uniform?”

“What can I say,” he grinned, “my fans love me like this.”

“You mean, the other girls don’t you?” she frowned.

Cam didn’t answer her. He just smiled a knowing smile. “What, you jealous?”

“Oh please,” she snapped.

Several of her friends laughed until Celeste glared at them. But that didn’t stop the snickers.

Cam appeared frustrated by her reaction. “What do you want me to say?”

“I want you to tell me that you’re going home to change before the dance tonight! I didn’t go to all this effort, putting together this outfit just so that I can go around with you–looking like that!”

Cam scrunched his mouth tightly. He leaned closer to her. “I don’t like the cape thing,” he said quietly. “I think I look stupid in it–”

“Okay–” she snapped, “so don’t wear the cape, but you have to wear the rest of it. I didn’t spend all that money for nothing!” With a sudden transformation that would make any guy’s head spin, she gave him a teasing smile–all sweet and innocent. She walked her fingers up the front of his jersey, hooking the front of his collar, pulling him closer. With a sultry tone she said: “And–if you plan to spend time with me–you know–”

She smiled a wicked grin at him, but her eyes weren’t smiling at all. They were intense, sharp and somewhat menacing. She let go of him and spun back around facing her friends. “I better get going,” she said. “I need to go home and take care of my snotty little brother and get ready for the dance.

Her friend Trish nodded. “We’ll pick you up like we planned.”

“Sick!” said Celeste with a smile. She turned her head slightly and shot Cam a dirty look. “Don’t you dare make them late!” she snarled.

Cam frowned and then attempted to smile, trying not to appear too disgusted.


As Celeste walked out the front doors of the high school, she ran into another girl, knocking her to the ground. Celeste didn’t even stop. She kept right on walking. In a rather snarky tone she snapped, “Watch where you’re going you little rag!”


Celeste squealed with delight when she first discovered the little brown box sitting on the table near the front door. She grabbed it along with the paper sitting under it and hurried down the hall to her bathroom. “Oh! Oh!” she gasped excitedly. “This is so sick!” she squealed. “I am going to look so intense tonight! Everyone at the dance won’t be able to take their eyes off of me!”

As she tore open the box, she took a quick glance at the paper that her mother had left under it. It was a note explaining that she and Daddy wouldn’t be home until late; have fun at the dance, and make sure before you go out that you help your brother set up the candy. The note went on to explain that there’s a large bowl in the corner kitchen cabinet.

Celeste didn’t take a second look at the note. She simply tossed it to the side and pulled out a small container from inside of what remained of the box–smiling a wicked little grin of delight. She also didn’t notice the rather curious workmanship of its construction; a black metal compact with odd ribbing winding around the outside of it. Strange symbols etched in between the ribbing and a little brass plaque at the top of a clear glass lid that simply said: “Demon Eyes.”

Inside, she could see what appeared to be a set of red colored contacts floating in an amber solution, tiny little veins flowing out from the center of each contact. Her eyes widened with delight. “They’re so cool!” she said. (CONTINUED)

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By Kevin Lazarus

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