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Creepy Japanese McDonalds Commercial

Scary Story 6 – China Doll

Rocking Them to Sleep

My brother, John, went on a camping trip with his scout troop to Lake Grapevine north of Dallas back in the mid 1970s. After the leaders retired to their tents for the night, most of the boys snuck out of camp. They wondered around the lake goofing off as young teens usually do. more »

Supernatural Sabotage

Someone, or some… thing, in the universe has apparently been trying to prevent me from publishing my supernatural thriller. I suppose the Bone Stalker is upset with me for writing about him, I’m not sure. But after I started writing this 65,000 word supernatural thriller for young adults, strange things have been happening to me and my family.

Lighting struck my driveway and blew out my phone, cable and power services, destroyed my garage door opener and shattered the garage window – besides leaving a 10′ x 3′ crater in my driveway. After that all our TVs had this weird purplish-green hue to them. Were they trying to tell me something? more »

Shadow Followers – Chapter 1 Available to Creepers

Fellow Creepers,

As promised, here is the link where you can download Chapter 1 of my 78,000 word new book entitled, “Shadow Followers”.

If you enjoy it, feel free to pass it on to friends via Facebook or wherever.


– Kevin Lazarus

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